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Great first volunteer Ocean Defenders crew!ODA was thrilled to have such a great crew on Oahu for our first dive of 2017!

Special shout-out to Matt Zimmerman of Island Divers Hawai’i who let us use his boat for our debri-removal expedition.

We've scheduled a debris dive once a month in Oahu waters. Check our calender, fill out our volunteer form, email us at volunteer [AT] oceandefenders [DOT] org and join us!

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Jeff Larson, We'll Miss You – a Friend to the Oceans and ODA http://www.oceandefenders.org/news-and-media/jeff-larson-we-will-miss-you-a-friend-to-the-oceans-and-oda.html http://www.oceandefenders.org/news-and-media/jeff-larson-we-will-miss-you-a-friend-to-the-oceans-and-oda.html

Jeff LarsOur hearts our heavy with the loss of our dear friend and fellow ocean defender Jeff Larsen!

But Jeff would want us to think of the oceans and what still needs to be done.

Please let Jeff be an inspiration to you. He is the best example of a reliable, hard-working, and passionate volunteer. He will be greatly missed!

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