The organizers of the event put all the nonprofit organizations just outside the main convention hall. That is because we pay a reduced rate and they give preferential treatment to the companies that pay a regular entry fee.

Scott immediately suggested that ODA share the booth with him. What a GREAT offer! One I couldn’t refuse.

ODA Volunteers Billy Arcila and Dawn Navarro helped out at the booth and we handed out dozens of her posters to those folks that signed up for our e-mail list. She also donated proceeds from the sale of her field guides to ODA. Thank you, Dawn!

We had more people sign up for our e-mail list than ever before. We are honored to be able to communicate with new friends, and hope you get a chance to read up on us, visit our donation page, and make a contribution. Your donations go a long way toward helping us remove the deadly ghost gear that haunts the bottom of our coastal waters.

Make sure to take a look at our most recent video to see how many traps and lines we removed during a one hour dive, just a couple hundred feet from the LA Harbor breakwall.

It was great meeting all you new folks and seeing old friends. The enthusiasm generated there makes me wish there was a Scuba Show every month.

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