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Jun 29 2011

ODA Field Report - 2011 June

June 10th , 11th , 12th to site of Infidel; divers using rebreathers to stay down longer; the vessel was sunk in 2006 in 150 feet of water with 7-9000 pounds of net which engulfs most of the wreck. Divers found a new net attached to the wreck with 6 dead sea lions caught in it. It is hard to know how many more animals had died because carcasses decompose in 2-5 days and other scavengers (shrimp, lobsters, benthic life, and sharks) feed on the decaying material. The video shows how hard it is to move anything in the water with nothing to leverage your body against, releases another cabezon fish. Biggest haul in one day – almost 1,000 pounds. Segal Sanitation waived disposal fee – thank you! We will return to this site to continue chipping away at the massive debris field.

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