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Bob Barker donates to Ocean Defenders Alliance ODAJanuary 15, 2013, Huntington Beach, CA – Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) is proud to announce that long-time television personality—and lifetime animal advocate—Mr. Bob Barker has made a very generous donation to support their life-saving work off the California coast. The price certainly is right for ODA, as Mr. Barker's generous support will allow the group to acquire a much more efficient vessel and other major equipment-and enhance ODA's removal of deadly marine debris from the ocean floor.

A Christmas Gift to the Sea

December 19, 2012, Huntington Beach, CA – A passionate group of local scuba divers, organized by Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA), will embark on a life-saving project off the coast of Huntington Beach, CA this Sunday, December 23, 2012. The objective: removal of hundreds of pounds of derelict fishing net entangled on a shipwreck called Savino’s Barge. ODA considers this operation, on the Sunday before Christmas, an important holiday gift to the sea.

Isla Coronado Ghost Net

March 17, 2012, Huntington Beach, Ca – In June and July of 2011, a group of very skilled volunteer scuba divers from Ocean Defenders Alliance embarked on a series of dives in San Diego. The goal was to survey, document and if possible, remove an abandoned fishing net that was draped on a wreck called the High Sea's. These nets, called ghost gear, continue to kill marine life long after they are abandoned. Walter Marti volunteered his skills as an underwater videographer and has produced a very compelling documentary about the entire campaign. He entered his video, called Isla Coronado Ghost Net, into a film festival called Beneath the Waves. The festival is being held in Norfolk, Virginia, the week of March 21-24.

August 19, 2011, San Diego CA – A passionate group of local scuba divers will be embarking on a project off the coast of San Diego on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, to remove hundreds of pounds of abandoned (aka ghost) fishing nets near the Coronado Islands. The dive team is being organized by Ocean Defenders Alliance, with San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles County scuba divers participating. Ghost nets can become deathtraps for marine life such as whales, dolphins, sea lions and seals and have the potential to disrupt ocean ecology. Waterhorse Charters are donating the use of their boat, the HUMBOLT, to transport the dive team to the site.

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