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Here we offer a variety of articles written by ODA about our activities or issues of concern.

May 04 2015

NBC News Features ODA

Did you see the feature about ODA on the NBC News this week (on May 3rd or 4th)?

nbc news logoIf you did and want to see it again...OR...if you missed it, just click on the NBC logo to watch the 3-minute video!

Read more: NBC News Features ODA

Apr 23 2015

Breakthrough at the Breakwall

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

ODA's boat Bob Barker's LegaSea near lighthouseWe just discovered a new way to find marine debris!

Near Angel's Gate (off the San Pedro coast), we had uplifiting encounters with wildlife and an uplifting recovery of debris...

Read more: Breakthrough at the Breakwall

Apr 22 2015

Happy Ocean-filled Earth Day

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

Happy ocean-filled earth dayWe all know that the earth is 70% ocean.

With that in mind, I would like to share an inspiring article (and video!) with my fellow ocean defenders.

Read more: Happy Ocean-filled Earth Day

Apr 20 2015

TakePart Mag Shares ODA's Mission to Eradicate Ghost Gear

Recently, the TakePart (online magazine) team joined our ODA Dive & Boat Crew on a marine debris removal outing.

We journeyed to the sunken wreck African Queen and captured some great footage of the Dive Team removing deadly ghost nets and releasing live animals.

The culminated footage makes a great 3-minute watch, and the article is thorough and well-researched on the wide-ranging aspects of the marine debris issue.

Read this informative article now and watch the video!


news TakePart article snip

Apr 14 2015

Pacific Coast Forage Fish Protected

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

Underwater school of forage fishSometimes there actually IS good news!

The U.S. government agency that manages fishing on the country's West Coast announced a decision that ODA applauds.

Read more: Pacific Coast Forage Fish Protected

Apr 07 2015

The Path of a Cigarette Butt from the Gutter to the Ocean

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

Ocean Defender Kurt Leiber with man-made debris, trash, and lobster traps that were hauled out of the oceanOur friend Captain Ryan Lawler of Newport Coastal Adventures (whale watching!) alerted us to an article in the LA Times which chronicles the 13-mile journey of a cigarette butt. 

It starts inland in the hills and floats through various waterways ending up in our beautiful ocean.

I have seen plenty of these toxic sticks in the ocean myself, and have a few thoughts to share about it.

Read more: The Path of a Cigarette Butt from the Gutter to the Ocean

Apr 01 2015

The Joy of Hoisting and Removing Abandoned Lobster Traps

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

ODA Boat Crewmember Dave Merrill releases a sheep crabWhen lobster hunting season ends, we hit the waters ASAP so we can start removing abandoned traps.

Sure enough, we found them!

And we released some live...

Read more: The Joy of Hoisting and Removing Abandoned Lobster Traps

Mar 20 2015

Whales Maimed and Killed by Ghost Gear

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

Gray whale with no fluke cut off by abandoned fishing gearThis is a tragic picture!

It is very difficult to look at a whale with no fluke, but that is the reality of what abandoned fishing gear can do.

Please read about the two very recent ghost gear incidents in Southern California.

Read more: Whales Maimed and Killed by Ghost Gear

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