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Here we offer a variety of articles written by ODA about our activities or issues of concern.

Jan 16 2017

A Plastic Ocean

Trash, lots of plasticShout-out to our friend Jo Ruxton who just finished producing a new documentary called A Plastic Ocean. It's a sad but true story the whole world needs to hear.

We're pleased that one of the directors on our board--Bonnie Monteleone--is one of the scientists featured in the film. Go Bonnie!!

Read more: A Plastic Ocean

Jan 11 2017

Cleaning Newport Beach Waters of Hazardous Debris

ODA Diver with sea lionTwo types of rare bass fish (giant and white) have a safer home after the dedicated ODA Boat & Dive Crew cleared away deadly debris from the fishes' (and sea lions!) habitat.

Come along off the coast of beautiful Newport Beach with us and see what we got!

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Dec 22 2016

Holiday Gifts for the Oceans

ODA Volunteer Boat & Dive Crew onboard Mr. Barker's LegaSeaDon't be crabby during the holidays!

Come join us on this recent journey and see the huge crab trabs we removed. Some ocean wildlife is resting a lot easier now that these threats have been removed from their ecosystem!

Read more: Holiday Gifts for the Oceans

Dec 13 2016

Abandoned Squid Net Kills No More

Volunteer ODA Diver Kim Cardenas working to cut the net free.This huge, menacing abandoned squid net no longer plagues the waters of Newport Beach, CA!

Our fantastic Dive & Boat Crew worked like a well-oiled machine to find, retrieve, and remove this bad boy.
Check out our 50+ pictures!


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Dec 12 2016

Canada Sees High Number of Whales Suffer Entanglement

Entangled humpback whale.Canadian Broadcast Company recently published an article sharing grim statistics about whale entanglements off their west coast.

We are seeing the same thing off the west coast of the US.

Please resolve with us to do everything we can, together, to stop this scourge of killer ghost gear! Read Captain Kurt's article to get informed.

Read more: Canada Sees High Number of Whales Suffer Entanglement

Nov 28 2016

Set Out for Net and Scored Traps Instead!

Ocean Defender Lisa Davis and recovered lobster trap on deckThis lovely lady is one of our crewmembers of the year!

Never one to shy away from hardwork, Lisa Davis, was part of this crew that removed a large amount of deadly ocean debris.

Come see what Lisa and the ocean conservation gang snagged!

Read more: Set Out for Net and Scored Traps Instead!

Nov 21 2016

Celebrate Good Times…and Clean Oceans

Kurt Leiber and Darlene SummersKool and the Gang’s lyrics say “celebrate good times” and for us at ODA, we have a lot of people to celebrate and be thankful for.

We’re sure glad we could gather with fellow ocean lovers to acknowledge the good work we’ve done together and commit to doing even more!

Check out the fun and pictures!

Read more: Celebrate Good Times…and Clean Oceans

Oct 20 2016

Fishing Gear Entangles Whale

Off the coast of Newport Beach, CA a humpback whale is entangledWe don't want to see whales in this situation anymore!

That's why we work hard to remove ghost gear from our coastal waters.

Recently, Newport Coastal Adventure documented this humpback whale, entangled in fishing line...

Read more: Fishing Gear Entangles Whale

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