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Photo Gallery

We are proud to share with you some of our favorite images!

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1 - Dive Sites

    “Join” our underwater actions to save marine habitat and wildlife.

    2009: Dead sea lion in abandoned gill net, just off the wreck of the Olympic. Photo by Elaine Jobim

    2 - Ocean Debris Hauled in by ODA

      In less than 10 years, we have hauled in tons of nets and miles of line. Check out some of our awesome (yet gruesome) hauls!

      01-11-2009: Our first haul off of the Infidel (hoisted up by crane); weighed about 1,000 pounds.

      3 - Sea Life

        These pictures represent oceans and marine life the way we — at ODA — believe they should be: pristine, healthy, and beautiful.

        Risso's Dolphins, mother and calf

        4 - Volunteers at Work

          Both our onshore crews and boat crews are hard-working, dedicated, and ready for constructive fun! Through posting their pictures, we are acknowledging and thanking the many volunteers who assist with the pursuit of ODA’s mission.

          Collectively we are ODA

          5 - Friends of ODA

            We are fortunate to have so many loyal supporters, friends, and allies in our fight to save the oceans! View some of their pictures here.

            Kurt and Sylvia Earle

            Boat Match Fund

            The oceans need your help

            Be part of an exciting effort to get ODA a better boat!

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            We Defend Marine Life

            ODA eliminates dangerous man-made debris which pose serious threats to ocean wildlife and habitats.