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At Sea

We need boat deckhands and skilled SCUBA divers. Deckhands are the crewmembers who stay onboard the boat to help with launching our smallboat, retrieving float bags with debris attached, hauling up debris with the crane, keeping watch, and other general boating activities.

If you love to dive, appreciate the beauty of the underwater world, and are looking for a way to “give back,” you should apply to join our crew. We really do want your help, but our mission is a serious one and we have minimum requirements for participation as described below.

  1. Divers must have proof of completion of Rescue Diver certification from an internationally accredited dive education organization such as PADI or NAUI, and
  2. Proof of current Divers Alert Network (DAN) Dive Accident Insurance coverage at the "Master" level. Please note that divers with "Preferred" level of coverage will be given priority over other divers with similar skills/experience. We do this because we care about our divers’ health and safety just as much as we do about the oceans.
  3. Safety is our number one consideration, so you must complete ODA’s internal training as well before you may fully participate in our ocean debris removal activities.
  4. Other things that we really look for in our volunteers are
    1. Previous volunteer activities
    2. Seamanship skills/qualifications
    3. Passion for marine conservation
    4. Willingness to work hard….and an appropriate sense of humor!

To apply for our Dive & Boat Crew, click on the link below which will open a PDF:

APPLY to CREW Apply to Crew

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If you aren’t able to join us on the boat, please consider volunteering on the boat in port or right from where you are!