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A strong Education and Outreach Program (E&O) is essential to the Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) mission, and we take it very seriously. ODA believes that for change to occur, people must be made aware of the issues, problems, and challenges that currently threaten the oceans’ health and survival.

We work with students, volunteers and the public to inspire current and next generations to act as life-long stewards of the environment.

ODA’s E & O efforts include:

  • Giving educational presentations at schools, universities, and dive clubs.
  • Sharing information at public gatherings such as expos, festivals, and conferences.
  • Working to enlighten the seafood community, partner with them when possible, and garner their commitment to respecting our oceans.
  • Reaching out via various methods and to spread the facts about the harmful effects of man-made pollution in our oceans—and how, together, we can reduce and work to eliminate them.


We welcome help from people of all ages and all walks of life. If you are interested in joining our outreach efforts please fill out our Onshore Volunteer Application and send it to .

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ODA eliminates dangerous man-made debris which pose serious threats to ocean wildlife and habitats.

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