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Who We Are

Who We Are

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Mr. Barker's LegaSea

Our current flagship vessel is a 55-foot Chris Craft. This boat enables our ocean-defending crews to remove tons of manmade debris from the ocean.

Celebrity Mr. Bob Barker of The Price is RightThanks to TV celebrity and animal advocate Mr. Bob Barker, his foundation, and the foundation’s Executive Director Ms. Nancy Burnet, Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) was able to acquire this vessel in 2014 and retire our former workboat the Clearwater.

The LegaSea was built in 1987.  It has twin diesel engines that burn fuel very efficiently, leaving none of those smelly fumes in our wake that are typical of diesel engines.

Thanks to some of our hard-working and committed volunteers, we were able to outfit the vessel for our specific needs. Following are some of the customizations we added:

  • diver benches on the rear deck
  • custom-built dive ladder
  • crew bunks

Other features on boat the that aid our mission:

  • hoist on the front deck
  • RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat)
  • space to install a dive-air compressor

The hoist deploys and retrieves the RIB between the front deck and the water in about two minutes. It allows us to lift the debris onto the front deck and secure it there for the ride back to port.

The RIB is large enough to comfortably seat up to four people, and we can put film crews on it that will add more value to our documentary and educational filming capabilities. We are able to get divers into the RIB if an emergency should arise.

Since September 21, 2014, Mr. Barker’s LegaSea has been living up to its name: Because it provides our conservation crews with safe and effective transportation, it is leaving a legacy of cleaner oceans filled more thriving marine wildlife!

To understand the depth and breadth of the manmade ocean debris issue, please visit The Problem page.