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What We Do

What We Do

Ocean Debris Elimination Campaign

Crew with Catch of the day

Ocean Defenders Alliance's mission is to work toward clean, healthy marine ecosystems through documentation, education, technology improvements, and meaningful action.

The large majority of this active work is done at sea, from aboard our 50-foot vessel Mr. Barker's LegaSea. The boat crews are volunteer deckhands, mechanics, divers, and our captain is ODA Founder and President Kurt Lieber. Our team's primary action goal: Remove man-made pollution from the oceans, leaving marine habitat and wildlife in a safe and thriving environment.

To date, the majority of our work has been off the coast of Los Angeles County in Southern California, and we also operate off of Orange and San Diego Counties. In the near future we are planning to expand northward to Ventura Country and the San Francisco Bay area.

California Coastal Water Cleanup Campaign - ongoing

LegaSea and lighthouseThe ODA vessel LegaSea in action around San Pedro Harbor

ODA has docked our boats in San Pedro Harbor (California) since 2007. We have been steadily cleaning debris in the area for many years. 

Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of work to be done. Commercial fishing vessels continually leave behind tons of lost and/or abandoned gear...and we are going to remove it!

We have the boat, the volunteers, and the cleanup plan...but we need additional resources to achieve our goals. With your financial support, we will realize our objectives and get this important work done!

Please help us protect defenseless marine life by donating as generously as you can, today.