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Get Involved

Get Involved

The work that ODA is most well-known for is “diving on debris,” but there is a great deal that happens behind the scenes to make our ocean clean-up work possible—and there are opportunities to do active cleanup work that is not on a boat.  All of it is important!


Onshore Active (but not on boat)

California & Hawai'i - Beach, Harbor, & Waterways Cleanup: Without getting on a boat, you can actively participate in ODA ocean cleanups. Be sure to let us know that you want to be notified of any of these onshore cleanups by filling out the Volunteer Application (see link below) and checking the box under Interests for Harbor and Beach Cleanups!

California - Work on Boat: Our vessel is usually berthed in either San Pedro or Channel Islands, CA. Maintaining a boat is a never-ending series of projects and activities, so if you love to be outside and aren’t afraid of applying a little “elbow (and/or brain) grease” to your tasks, please fill out our Onshore Volunteer Application.

Needs include:

  • Cleaning
  • Provide lunch/snacks for the crew
  • Provide (non-alcoholic) beverages
  • Sanding & chipping of old paint
  • Painting
  • Metal work/fabrication
  • Carpentry
  • Technical work:
    • Diesel engine
    • Electronic equipment
    • Electrical systems
    • Computer

Help Us From Home

Here’s how you can help right from where you are:

  • “Like” us on Facebook, share our postings, and encourage others to do the same
  • Fundraise from home:
    • Throw an ODA party
    • Organize an ODA beach clean-up
  • Fundraise at school:
    • Do a report on ODA
    • Hold a bake sale or car wash
  • Give educational presentations
  • Conduct Outreach at your local festivals/events
  • Sign-up for our e-mail updates
  • Donate items on our Wish List
  • Help with Administrative work:
    • Typing
    • Computer maintenance
    • Online research
  • Join our monthly giving program

crew cleaning shore


How to Get Started

Outreach, Office, and Port:
If you are interested in doing any of the work listed above, manning an information table, giving presentations to schools/groups, and/or working on the boat in port – please fill out our Onshore Volunteer Application and send it to

PDFVolunteer Onshore Application Form

Fundraisers and School Projects:
To request materials (brochures, videos, presentations) for your school or fundraising project, please contact us at

If you would like to join us on the boat (either in port or at sea), please visit our crew page and fill out an application today!