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By ODA Hawai’i Island Chapter Leader Sarah Milisen

ODA Volunteer Juan ChacinI’m happy to introduce you to one of our most active volunteers on the Island of Hawai’i!

Juan Chacin is of Venezuelan descent and has lived in the USA for over 20 years. He’s actually Doctor Juan, with a PhD in engineering. 

Juan moved here to Hawai’i about three years ago and has been volunteering at every ODA event that I’m aware of.  Beach cleanups at Kawaihai with GIVE students, harbor cleanups, charters aboard Kona Honu Divers, and more.

Juan also volunteers at the Marine Mammal Center’s Hawaiian Monk Seal hospital here on island: Ke Kai Ola.  Maybe it won’t surprise you…he doesn’t only care about animals. He’s also volunteered at the soup kitchen and the food bank. 

Juan helping sealJuan helping seal. Photo by Bill Hunnewell -- copyright The Marine Mammal Center @themarinemammalcenter.
Harbor cleanup teamwork

Juan has a full heart and is a kind soul, and he’s an excellent diver! He just celebrated his 500th dive!

Juan and the crew

He's an extremely valuable volunteer to us here at ODA Hawaii – he is always reliable and ready to get muddy and gross! The latter being a very important quality for ocean debris cleanup work. ;-)

Juan with the teamJuan is right behind the banner, second from the right in royal blue long-sleeve t-shirt (arm upraised).
Big cleanup crewHere you can see Juan just to the right of the banner in a gray t-shirt and dark cap.

Thank you, Juan, for being such an incredible inspiration and volunteer to help protect our planet! 

If you’d like to join an ODA crew near you, check out our Introduction to Volunteering page.