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By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

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One of the things that just amazes me about the recent underwater cleanup ODA volunteers did in Kailua Bay was the incredible images that came out of it. In our first two reports on this first-of-its-kind cleanup, we’ve only shared still photographs. Today, we have excellent video for you to see!

Knowing how busy people are in their everyday lives, it’s challenging to get people to read the reports about all the wonderful things ODA does, but we’re hopeful that everyone will “read” the story in pictures! As they say in the journalism business, if you don’t get any pictures, it didn’t happen…

In that regard, we had the day’s events covered from the skies to the surface of the oceans, and down to the depths.  Sixty feet down to be exact.

As you’ve seen from our two previous reports this week (see links at end of article), we got some stunning still pictures of what it was like down on the bottom as well as at the surface.

This video gives you another point of view, as seen from the drone footage taken by Elias Roberts and Tony White. Then marvel at the gorgeous footage that Joshua Lambus got while snorkeling. Some of his footage was taken while he free-dived down to 60 feet -- amazing!  I can’t even get down to 20 feet, let alone be able to shoot quality video footage on a single breath of air.

Great stuff, Joshua!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the 39 ODA volunteers accomplished on that Earth Day.  It was a sight to behold from so many perspectives.

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