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Here we offer a variety of articles written by ODA about our activities or issues of concern.

Corona Del MarWe’ve been asked by Biologist Mike Couffer of Grey Owl Biological Consulting to help defend the Giant Black Sea Bass population.

Our crew did a stellar job cleaning the habitat so the babies can survive to grow into adulthood without being harmed by debris. Come see the large amount of ghost gear we removed!

Volunteers channel cleanupWhere do you think we should clean-up ocean debris?

Well, sometimes we need to clean it up before it becomes OCEAN debris!

Check out what our hard-working volunteer Karla Reinhardt and her fellow debris-removal teammates did. Joined by two younger ocean defenders, they made sure the trash wouldn't make it to the coast.

Flags and bag Jeff and RolandoCalifornia is battling fires and our hearts go out to all people affected by and those fighting this.

Our crew decided to keep doing what we can for our CA environment and hit the waters to remove debris. While fires rages and oceans roiled, our dedicated defenders were able to remove abandoned fishing gear.

Hauling in trap Kurt n JeffOcean debris is a menace to marine society!

The only thing that turns our frustration around is being part of the effort to get rid of it. And so we did a few days ago when we did two dives that unearthed a plethora of debris. Come with us to see what we removed!

Students remove marine debrisDon't you love it when you see teenagers doing good things?!

Well, check out these students who came out on our boat to learn how to find marine debris and remove it.

Their message: "Not one plastic bag should be in our ocean!!"

ODA-Hawaii Volunteer Divers Clean DebrisODA-Hawai'i kicked off a new cleanup site in Oahu!

We did our first debris removal outing at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. It was an excellent day and we look forward to caring for this Marine Protect Area for many years to come!

We invite you to take this initial journey with us -- read the story and see the pics!

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