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Mar 15 2011

ODA Field Report - 2011 March

On January 22nd, we headed to the sunken vessel the African Queen which is in 90 ft of water, seven miles off the coast of Long Beach, CA. It has a lot of abandoned gill net on it. Visibiliity was no good, so we could not dive this day. On Thursday, February 10th, we headed back and had good conditions. We freed some crabs and a sand bass; pulled up 160 pounds of gill net. Three days we went later back there; freed more crabs; hauled out 150 more pounds of net. I was notified of a squid net on the Marineland Platform; thousands of squid eggs were trapped there. We were able to release crabs and remove 350 pounds of net (which is half of what is there). On March 6th we returned and pulled up more another 350 pounds of net. Showed photographs of the millions of sardines that swam into the harbor, probably due to a red tide from rain runoff. Kurt showed an example of three pounds of monofilament gill net which is invisible underwater.

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