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News and Media

By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

Ocean Defender Kurt Leiber with man-made debris, trash, and lobster traps that were hauled out of the oceanBeing out and under the water so often, makes me wonder how human society can be so callous when it comes to litter.  You see it everywhere these days, from our driveways to our lawns and then to the curbs.  This garbage not only is an eyesore, it kills millions of marine life forms.  From invertebrates like crabs all the way up the chain to the great whales.

Just last year, along the Atlantic coast of Virginia, a 45-foot sei whale died after ingesting just a single DVD case! 

Cigarette amongst debrisThe LA Times just published an article that reveals the pathways that our trash uses to make its way to the oceans.  Please take a look, and think about this: just a single cigarette butt in a one gallon container will kill a fish within 24 hours.

Please do your part, make sure anything you dispose of ends up in a landfill, NOT our oceans.  If you see someone discarding their trash into the environment, remind them of the unintended and deadly consequences.

And, rest assured, that the ODA Dive & Boat Crew will be constantly patrolling and removing all kinds of human debris from the coastal waters!

The LA Times cigarette butt article.

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