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Who We Are

Who We Are

Carla RobinsonI have always lived near the water—grew up in a small town west of Cleveland, Ohio, on Lake Erie; moved to the south shore of Long Island, New York; then to Honolulu, Hawaii; and then to the west coast of Los Angeles. I truly appreciate and respect the water!

After working six years as a flight attendant, I settled down as an administrator of a fine art photography gallery in Santa Monica, CA. From there, I went to work with an ocean conservation organization—originally as the administrative director—and as their only paid employee. I feel fortunate to have been able to work in every area of nonprofit operations! As we grew and hired more people, I was able to hand off each area of work to someone who could specialize in it. In my 15th year with the company, I took the formal title of development director, although I had been serving that function for the entire 17 years.

As consulting partner with 4M Consulting, LLC, I am now working with multiple nonprofits, and I love it. I am pleased to be able to put my years of nonprofit experience to work to help all of these good causes do more of their good work!

It is satisfying to help these organizations in all aspects of operations including website management/design, development and fundraising (including online, direct mail, major gifts, and more), database maximization, donor relations, as well as education and outreach. Additionally, I consult with them regarding merchandising and e-commerce, HR, public and corporate relations, and financial management.

Ocean Defenders Alliance is near and dear to my heart, as I have known and worked with Kurt Lieber for 20 years. The dedication of Kurt and the volunteers is inspirational! They work very hard to keep our oceans clean. I am honored to have served as an Advisory Board member since its inception and continue to enjoy being part of this “small but mighty” organization.

Kurt Lieber, Carla Robinson, and Chuck SwiftKurt Lieber, Carla Robinson, and Chuck Swift