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Who We Are

Who We Are

advisor darlene summersI'm a Native Californian who grew up surfing and sailing in Southern California. I remember the days of orange skies, tar on the beach and brown murky water. So much has been accomplished by dedicated people—like those who comprise Ocean Defenders Alliance—since the 70's!  Our water is blue now most of the time, our skies are not nearly as orange, our eyes don't always burn and I haven't had to use butter on my feet in decades. There is still so much more to do as our harbors and waters become inundated with trash and toxic runoff after every rain. So many lost and abandoned traps and nets need to be recovered to protect our precious wildlife.

My background is originally in Social Services. I hold a Master of Science degree from CSU Fullerton and have acted as the director for group homes serving mentally ill youth as well as the Director for the Crisis Center of San Mateo County. I left Social Services in 2000 and embarked on a career as an entrepreneur as a way to spend more time with my young daughter. I am currently the Broker and CEO of Huntington Harbour Real Estate located right on our beautiful harbor and am grateful to spend each day enjoying our little slice of paradise!

As a mother and business owner I have volunteered voraciously for both youth programs with which my daughter was involved as a child, as well as community organizations such as the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce. I recently moved to Huntington Beach and searched for an organization here that I could fully support. I'm grateful to have found this wonderful organization and to have met Kurt Lieber. His dedication is truly inspirational. I am looking forward to a future of growth and accomplishment for this wonderful organization.

Darlene helping with recovered lobster traps on boat deckDarlene securing lobster traps

Darlene and Kurt Lieber heading out for a harbor patrolKurt Lieber and Darlene at ODA fundraiser