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Who We Are

Who We Are

Steve MillingtonGUE INSTRUCTOR

Los Angeles, California United States

Steve is a GUE technical instructor for Global Underwater Explorers and has been a certified diver since 1996. He has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and South Pacific. Steve's favorite dives are deep wall dives with an ongoing interest in underwater photography and technical & cave diving. He specializes in diver skill development, offering small group instruction and private one-on-one training. His favorite classes to teach are Nitrox, Drysuit, GUE Primers, and GUE Fundamentals. 

Steve is also the Project Dive Coordinator for Ocean Defenders Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the removal of abandoned nets, fishing gear and marine hazards in our local environment. Diving Qualifications
GUE Instructor - Teach: GUE Primer, Doubles, Drysuit, Rec 1, Fundamentals 
GUE Tech 1 Intern 
GUE Tech 2 Diver 
GUE Cave 1 Diver 
GUE Fundamentals Instructor Mentor 
PADI Master Instructor 
Emergency First Response CPR/First Aid/AED Instructor 
PADI 02 Instructor

Community Involvement

  • Project Dive Coordinator - Ocean Defenders Alliance
  • Project Baseline Member |
  • Santa Monica Baykeeper Volunteer Diver - Kelp Restoration Project
  • Heal The Bay Contributor
  • Actively involved in mentoring divers in our area

Special interests

  • Underwater Photography
  • Technical Diving
  • Scooter Diving
  • Travel

I enjoy volunteering with Ocean Defenders Alliance, as I feel the importance of helping protect and preserve the underwater environment. Abandoned nets and fishing gear continue to fish and kill marine life; this careless action by individuals and companies results in marine hazards all over the globe, yet they are not seen or heard of by most people. The work of removing these hazards is demanding and requires a high-level of diver proficiency and team awareness. I enjoy training divers to meet these challenges and look forward to helping bring greater public awareness of our aquatic resources. My goal is to have a positive, tremendous impact on our environment, with team safety being our highest priority.


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