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News and Media

ODA Volunteers happy to clean the oceanYour passion for the ODA mission is our most precious resource. You know that, right?

It is only because of our cooperation together that

There is a lot to catch you up on, starting with our most pressing issue.

We blew a piston in the main engine of Mr. Barker's LegaSea. Yes, that is as devastating and time-consuming as you think. It also adds a bunch of unexpected costs to our small budget. If you can make a donation now to help with this, please do so today! It will still be two or three weeks before the boat is ship-shape again, but we've not been idle during this forced down-time.

Getting estimates, chasing parts, and coordinating repairs are all demanding tasks that simply cannot wait. This work trumps everything else and has been challenging. However, despite these annoying mechanical setbacks (don't even get me started), our other important work continues in some very positive ways!

Mr. Bob Barker's LegaSea heading to debris site

Ocean Debris Removal Activities

We have conducted some valuable reconnaissance work from the boat of a local Southern California supporter. This will help us prioritize dive work when the LegaSea is ready.

We have also navigated the complex systems of Los Angeles Harbor agency to get permission and have begun conducting harbor cleanup dives there-just like we've done so successfully in Ventura County. These life-saving operations don't require a functional boat, but still do great good for marine life. We will not let anything stop us from defending the oceans, and-with your help-we will always find a way to be "hands on" and productive.

Whale entangled in fishing gearGhost gear trails diving whale

Examples of the type of ghost gear ODA removes so no more whales will suffer like this one!

 On another front, we are looking to grow our alliance, and possibly expand ODA's range of operation.

The early fall has already been and will continue to be busy, beginning with our President and Founder, Kurt Lieber, attending a meeting of the Global Environmental Guardians Network (GEGN) in Baltimore, Maryland. This gathering is hosted by the Kuwait Dive Team, and its vision is to foster cooperation between organizations that strive to solve tough environmental issues. ODA was invited to attend long ago, but recent (costly repair) events resulted in Kurt letting them know that we simply could not afford to divert any funds for this. In a powerful testament to ODA's leadership in the area of marine debris removal, they found a sponsor to cover Kurt's travel and accommodation-because they understand the value that ODA's/Kurt's experience will add to the discussion. More on this in the future!

ODA Looks to Expand - all coastal waters need us!

Last, but certainly not least, we are exploring the feasibility of two new potential ODA "Bases." ODA has always had great support in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), as well as in the Hawaiian Islands…and goodness knows each of these areas has a great need for our work.

So, in September and October, Kurt will be traveling to Portland, Seattle, and Oahu to meet with local contacts, evaluate the area needs, speak with regional groups already working on ocean conservation issues, and basically sniff things out. If all goes well, we may soon have more work to do-along with more life-saving results you can be proud of!

Founder and President Kurt Lieber on bow of Mr. Bob Barker's LegaSea

Please stay tuned for more updates, and if you are in Hawaii or the PNW keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming presentations by Captain Kurt!

You understand the plight of the oceans, as well as ODA's role in protecting them, or you wouldn't be reading this.

We are doing everything we can-not just to maintain, but to GROW this organization and help more marine species thrive into the future…but we need your help to make it happen.

Please do what you can. Please get involved, and please make a generous donation to today!