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Technical diver and veteran ODA volunteerLast year's ODA Crewmember of the Year and Advisory Board Member Kim Cardenas makes us proud!

Kim was invited to be a guest on the UTD Scuba Diving Podcast to talk about the removal of derelict fishing gear from coastal waters with Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA).

UTD's (Unified Team Diving) website describes their services: "Whether you are a recreational, technical, cave, rebreather, or side-mount diver, your needs are supported by UTD training."

Their CEO Jeff Seckendorf interviewed Kim and specifically wanted to talk to her about the training she's had that prepares her to be a uniquely skilled marine debris removal specialist.

We're thankful that Kim and our other divers are so highly trained because, unfortunately, each year commercial fishing operations lose more than 600,000 tons of fishing gear. This means there is a lot of ocean wildlife in peril and their habitat is continually being degraded, so we must diligently continue our life-saving work.

We thank Jeff and UTD for bringing this important issue to light!

Listen now: Ghost Net Removal Diving

Volunteer Kim ready to go get debris

Would you like to join Kim in helping ODA remove ocean debris? You can do it from home by making a donation to fuel our boat or you can check out our volunteer opportunities and get involved that way!