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By Founder and President Kurt Lieber

In order to clean more oceans and save more marine wildlife, ODA needs to replace our current vessel.

Thankfully, a generous donor has created a matching fund of $75,000! Donations received by May 1st for the purchase and refit of ODA's "new" used vessel will be DOUBLED, up to a total of $75,000!

Kurt Lieber on the <em>Clearwater</em> ocean defense vesselTo make a donation today, please visit our secure online giving page.

To explain: Our current vessel, the Clearwater, is truly at the end of her career. We are often forced to cancel expeditions to repair equipment, and this boat just can't stay out as long as we need.

Despite these vessel challenges-and because of our awesome supporters-we still broke many of our own records last year. We removed more deadly debris than ever before: thousands of feet/tons of lines, nets, traps, and other hazardous plastic and metal junk. However, threats to ocean wildlife remain.

Though it is still early Spring, we are already back in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and along the Ventura County coast, continuing our life-saving work. Some great new supporters showed us hundreds of lobster trap sites. With your support we will be able to collect the derelict traps, lines, and nets that continue to indiscriminately kill marine wildlife; these are the very lines that often entangle whales! We will also continue our efforts along the coasts of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

Two weeks ago, using a generous supporter's boat, we pulled up FIVE TRAPS off the L.A. County coast, and freed one sheep crab and eight lobsters. We are going back to get more as soon as we can, but we have to borrow a vessel.

Lobsters in trap about to be freedODA Dive Crew releases lobster from trapODA Dive Crew releases lobster from trap, almost free!ODA Dive Crew releases lobster from trap, swims free!

A better boat we will allow us to stay out longer, fill our dive air tanks on-the-move, save money on repairs, and make us more efficient in general. We would be honored if you would join this new venture by making a contribution today. Will you double your dollars in support of ocean defense?

A donation now will translate into action for the oceans. This boat will defend marine life in all forms: plant and animal, mammal and fish, crustacean and bird, as well as the largely unknown benthic life. All have a better chance of survival because you have cared enough to take part in protecting their salty home! Thank you for making the most of this rare opportunity.