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Urgent Reasons to Stop Eating Fish

One of the biggest issues relating to human consumption of fish is mercury poisoning, which has been found to cause: Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), lack of coordination, impairment of vision and hearing, memory loss and hair loss.

Several scientific reports have recently revealed that almost all fish are contaminated with mercury. This includes freshwater as well as saltwater fish. Mercury is emitted into the air by electrical power plants. As the emissions drift with the winds, the mercury drops into our lakes and streams by rainwater. All this eventually finds its way to the ocean. But before it does, a lot of tiny organisms ingest it into their bodies, where predators eat them.

Mercury is not digested by the body and resides in the tissue of the host animal. Small animals have small amounts and large animals have a large amount in theirs systems. The most commonly consumed fish is Tuna, which is a top predator and have been found to have up to 5,000 times the recommended safe level of mercury in their tissue. The USFDA has recommended that children and women who are going to have children, not eat ANY Tuna at all.

I was talking to a friend about 2 years ago, she was complaining about her lack of energy, her memory was getting really bad, and her hair was getting really thin. I told her about mercury in fish and she just went white.

My friend was eating a lot of tuna because she had read that it was supposed to be good for people. She immediately called her doctor and he did some tests on her blood. Sure enough she had elevated levels of mercury in her body. She quit eating fish that day and within 4 months she was back to working out, her full head of hair came back and her memory was as sharp as a tack.

There are other compelling reasons not to eat fish as well. It is estimated that 10 pounds of fish are killed in order to make 1 pound of fish for human consumption. Our oceans are being depleted of fish. Recent studies have found that 90 percent of all large fish are gone. That means that only 10% of the Whales, Dolphins, Swordfish, Marlin, Sharks and Tuna are left on this planet.

The best way to help yourself, your family and the environment is to stop eating fish. I have not eaten any for 21 years. I am in great physical and mental shape. I urge you to try it. You will feel better, and the oceans will have a chance to recover.

Please come back to our website, we are going to keep looking into how this issue affects humans. All donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way towards preventing the destruction of marine life and educating the public.

Thank You!

Kurt Lieber
Founder & President
Ocean Defenders Alliance