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Sep 25 2019

Coyote Creek Channel Cleanup

A crew of six ODA volunteers led by Karla Reinhardt spent two hours cleaning up a stretch of the Coyote Creek Channel in downtown Fullerton on Sunday morning, Sept. 22.  This crew of volunteers regularly cleans the channel and this time picked up more than the usual amount of trash.  The haul consisted mostly of plastic bottles, bags, and soccer balls from a nearby elementary school, but also included some more unusual items such as a grocery shopping cart, a bike U-lock, a car armrest, and even a dollar bill.  The total poundage of debris picked up came to over 150 pounds.

Crew with the catch of the day

All this debris would have been destined for the ocean, once the winter rains kick in.  So we were happy to prevent that from happening.

Participants in Sunday’s cleanup included Larry Salzman, Lorri and John Spiering, Jared Cruz, a local college environmental science student, and Kent Morris, a retired professor.  The Coyote Creek flows into the San Gabriel River, which eventually makes its way to the ocean in Long Beach.

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